Please contact us for pricing

  • Armed security guards (PA ACT 235 certified)
  • Un armed security guards
  • Process service
  • Private events
  • Security consulting service
  • Concerts/sporting events/stadiums/arenas
  • Shopping malls
  • Seasonal events
  • Hotels/motels
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Churches/religious organizations
  • Industrial/warehouse/factory
  • Mobile notary service

Process Service

Our process service is available to both legal firms and private parties. We specialize in civil process and tenant landlord serves. Our process servers are available 7 days a week to accept and serve legal documents. We utilize a FREE and secure online portal allowing you to upload case files 24/7. Please inquire about obtaining a user ID and password for your law firm.

Private Security

Our services include large and small event security, personal and executive protection, crowd control, etc. Please inquire directly regarding your specific security needs.

PFA Property Recovery

Filing a PFA against a domestic partner or spouse is stressful enough. Trying to to recover your personal belongings from a former residence or place of abode can be very difficult when a PFA is involved but ISG can help! One or more of our trained personal protection agents will escort you onto the property while providing security as you remove your personal items. Body cameras are worn at all times and are fully operational during property recovery details to provide video evidence as a defense should our client need it for court proceedings.

Property Transport Escorts

We provide armed protection during the transportation of your valuable property. We offer our protective services to private citizens and commercial accounts including jewelers, coin dealers, auction houses, antique dealers and more. Please contact us for pricing and available services.

Mobile Notary Service

Our mobile notary service is both a notary and a courier. We will pick up, notarize and deliver your legal documents to the interested party. We can also notarize documents by appointment at a neutral site with both parties present.

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